Social & Contextual Impact on children undergoing Liver Transplantation (SOCIAL-Tx)

SOCIAL-Tx is a multi-centered study of children and adolescents who have had a liver transplant. This study is being done to understand how life circumstances (e.g. where we eat, sleep, play and work) affect children's health as they undergo liver transplantation.


Study Overview

Research Topic

Social impact on liver transplant recipients


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What is the purpose of this study?

Social determinants of health have a large impact on health. The SOCIAL-tx researchers seek to survey caregivers of children undergoing liver transplantation, as well conduct in-depth, qualitative interviews. The purpose is to identify barriers and facilitators that socioeconomically deprived children/families have to obtaining the ideal outcome and identify health system opportunities to integrate social needs and medical care.

Who can join?

You may be able to join if

  • you have had or are listed to have a liver transplant
  • you are younger than 18 years old

You can't join if

  • you are 18 years old or older


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Sharad Wadhwani, MD, MPH

Principal Investigator

Emily Stekol, CCRP

Clinical Research Supervisor